About Us

About Us

Russ A. Mothershead is the owner of Russ Mothershead Performance Horses. He is also the President and CEO of Midwest Agri-Chemico, Inc. and its subsidiaries, which is based in Cape Girardeau, MO. Midwest Agri-Chemico, Inc. specializes in the distribution and transportation of agricultural fertilizers and commodities.

In 2009, Russ ventured into the reining horse and reined cowhorse business arena. It was a natural progression, given his passion for agriculture and for animals. Turns out, it was in his bloodlines too, as his grandfather, Bomar Zook, his father, Hoyt Mothershead and his uncles, Jack Zook and Doug Jones, shared the same passion for horses.

Although a successful business owner for almost 40 years, you can’t take this country boy completely off of the farm. Raised on the Mothershead family farm in nearby Benton, MO, Russ still resides on the land where he grew up. He now owns and manages the livestock and row crop operations there and can often be spotted working the cattle, driving a tractor, or running the combine.

Russ’s commitment to the “bootheel” of Missouri is evident in everything he does. He and his employees are regular supporters of youth programs in the area, particularly those related to agriculture and to sports. When not actively involved in agricultural projects, Russ indulges in his favorite hobby– flying.

Today, the RM Performance Horse stable is home to over a dozen young reining horses and reined cowhorses, trained by some of the most talented and respected horsemen in the business – including Sarah & Chris Dawson, Veronica Swales and Sam Smith.

Russ's grandfather, Bomar Zook (right) circa 1920
Russ's grandfather, Bomar Zook at a trotting derby in Western Kentucky
Russ's grandfather - Bomar Zook at the 4th of July Rodeo in East Prairie, MO
Hoyt Mothershead (Russ's father)
Russ's uncle, Doug Jones (center with U.S. Flag), was a Deputy U.S. Marshal and a member of the United States Marshals Posse
Russ's uncle - Jack Zook
Bobby Mothershead, Russ's younger brother, in the mid 1960's.
Hoyt & Betty Mothershead, Russ's parents, on the family farm in Southeast Missouri a few years ago.